About us
IEK Company 
International Electrical Engineering Company (IEK) is Russia’s biggest producer of electrical engineering services with a well-known brand, which are widely used in construction, housing and communal services and plant facilities. Today, IEK is a holding company with its own production complex both in Russia and abroad. IEK trade missions are located in Russia, Moldova and Mongolia. 

IEK Trademark
IEK trademark has been known in emerging market economies for more than 10 years. This electrical engineering brand has been tested with time and has been a safeguard of stable quality for consumers. IEK products possess a combination of qualities essential for a successful brand in electrical engineering, i.e. durability, a wide choice, simple and suitable design along with unsophisticated conventional approach to quick and effective maintenance. 
Broad range of goods
Continuous introduction of new goods and services has become IEK’s distinguishing feature. Nowadays, the company is producing about 4,000 items and presents 200-500 new products annually. In order to maintain best possible solution for designing and carrying out projects, for constructing, reconstructing or upgrading different facilities, IEK provides numerous products for power distribution, panel wiring, cable and protecting systems; lighting engineering and winding machinery; power equipment and commercial plants, etc.
IEK is available
IEK TM is easily accessible for professionals due to an effective distribution system. The partner companies of IEK’s network of distribution provide the whole range of IEK products for customers both in large cities and in small villages, in Russia and in the countries of NIS and Mongolia. 
Creating goods
IEK has an impeccable reputation, which shows that the goal of the company is not momentary profit. To achieve its far-reaching goals, the company has created special programs for producing electrical engineering equipment, cable systems and electrical engineering accessories. These programs allow reducing production prices and bringing them to the level agreeable to the customer. IEK’s production policy allows the company to find the best implement for the available resources of the world and uses plant facilities within Russia in combination with cooperative outsourcing schemes including other countries. For this reason, the main principle of the company – up-to-date, quality products at reasonable prices – has become a reality.
Stable quality
Being a grand-scale producer, IEK exercises a considerable responsibility. That is why significant attention is paid to quality control at every production step, from input materials to final goods, which undergoes quality check both in IEK laboratory and in Russia’s leading quality and certification testing institutions. The company focuses on retaining the high level of the quality of its product plus continuing constant development by maintaining high quality of material and components, using modern and unique formulas for plastic components, constant control at all levels of production process, and involvement of qualified personnel in the production. One thing better than quality is stable quality. This is the company’s rule.
Information support
IEK understands that making a choice while planning and fulfilling a project can become a difficult task. The market in electric engineering is constantly changing and developing, and it may not be easy to choose among upgraded or/and modified products. To make the right decision, it is essential to have necessary technical specifications, pertinent experience, but also full and contemporary data. 
With IEK, making such choice has become extremely easy due to a good system of information support. The company uses every relevant medium to provide information about the current variety and new products. For business audience there are technical catalogues on every type of products, general catalogues with a complete list and detailed description of items, brochures with information about the company and new goods.
IEK plays an important role in stable economic development of electrical engineering sector in emerging markets of former socialist countries. Providing durable, reliable and aesthetic products, the company promotes the quality of life of its customers.