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International Electrical Engineering Company (IEK) is Russia’s biggest producer of electrical engineering services with a well-known brand, which are widely used in construction, housing and communal services and plant facilities. Today, IEK is a holding company with its own production complex both in Russia and abroad. IEK trade missions are located in Russia, Moldova and Mongolia. IEK enjoys and values confidence of its customers and endeavors to provide the most convenient cooperation and the best quality of products possible. Due to progressive policy, IEK has had a leading rate of growth in the sphere of electrical engineering.
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IEK trademark has been known in Russia for 10 years. This electrical engineering brand has been tested with time and has been a safeguard of stable quality for consumers. TM IEK high quality is determined by absolute compliance with requirements to performance attributes. IEK TM safeguards a high level of safety. Its products are used in construction of residential buildings and in industrial projects; in schools and hospitals; in the process of restoration and preservation of historic buildings, as well as in maintaining municipal facilities. More about company